Welcome to the OC Read Families for Literacy page. Here is where you will find information related to the Family Literacy program, Family Literacy events, and more. Please contact the office at (714) 566-3070 or readoc@occr.ocgov.com if you have any questions.

    What is Families for Literacy?

    Family Literacy services focus on adult literacy learners and their family members, younger and older generations alike. OC Read provides family literacy events in the library and through community outreach. Family Literacy events are designed based on learners' aspirations as family members. 

    Library programs that are already promoting Families for Literacy throughout the OC Public Libraries system include:

    Who is eligible?

    Families that are eligible to receive family literacy services:

    • Have one or more family members enrolled in OC Read; or
    • Include an adult with low literacy skills who is eligible to be enrolled in OC Read.

    If you are interested in becoming an adult learner with OC Read, please call (714) 566-3070 to speak with a literacy coordinator. More information about the Adult Literacy program can be found on the About OC Read page under the FAQ.

    Early Literacy Calendar

    Developed by the Public Library Association (PLA), this calendar is full of daily literacy-building activities to share with your child.