About OC Read

OC Read provides foundational 1-on-1 tutoring for English-speaking adults who want to improve their reading and writing skills. OC Read is a program designed to support adult learners to further their work, family, and personal goals. 


  • 1 in 4 adults in Orange County read below the 8th grade level
  • 16% of adults in Orange County do not have a high school diploma
  • 29% of inmates in United States prisons have low literacy skills
  • Children of parents with low literacy skills have a 72% chance of being at the lowest reading levels
  • 47% of children in Orange County are not ready for kindergarten
  • The United States ranks 12th in the literacy world


Personalized tutoring for adult learners who need help with their basic reading and writing skills. With the assistance of an individual tutor, learners are able to achieve life goals such as:  

  • Reading to their children
  • Reading a newspaper
  • Getting a better job
  • Registering to vote

Family engagement activities and programs for adult learners with children in their lives.
Build your skills and your child’s love of learning through:

  • Interactive family activities for the whole family
  • Directed learning experiences
  • Instruction in reading techniques
  • Connection-building

Personalized tutoring for adult inmates who need help with their basic reading and writing skills. With the assistance of an individual tutor, inmates are able to achieve life goals.

How To Join

All potential learners follow the same process to join OC Read. 

Step 1: Intake Interview

To enroll with OC Read, call our office to speak with a literacy coordinator. The coordinator will do a short, 10-15 minute interview where we ask questions about your history, education, and goals. If OC Read seems like it may have the resources to help you succeed, the literacy coordinator will ask you about scheduling an assessment.

Step 2: Assessment

The assessment is an informal, 30-60 minute meeting on Zoom where we estimate your reading and writing skills through a series of short activities. The assessment helps us understand what specific skills you can benefit from focusing on. Staff will review your assessment and interview to determine if our program is the best match to meet your needs. 

Step 3: Matching

After your assessment, we will add you to our waitlist until we identify an available tutor. Once we have found a tutor, we will set up a match meeting on Zoom so the two of you can meet. A literacy coordinator will be present at this meeting to help discuss goal setting, scheduling, lesson planning, and to answer any questions that may arise. 

Step 4: Follow Up & Beyond

We like to stay in touch with our learners and tutors! At the six-week mark, we will follow up with you and your tutor to see how things are going. After that, we'll contact you periodically to check in, share program news, and, on a yearly basis, schedule a reassessment. 


OC Read offers services to anyone who is a resident of Orange County and:

  • Is 16 years or older 
  • Is not enrolled in the K-12 school system
  • Wants to improve their foundational reading and writing skills  

Though we strive to serve the ELL community to the fullest extent of our abilities, tutoring is conducted in English, so learners must have conversational command of the language.

Tutoring is completely free for our learners.

Yes. Any personal information you share with us is kept confidential between you, our program, and your matched tutor or learner.

OC Read tutors come from all walks of life. No experience or diploma is needed—we'll provide all the necessary training. OC Read tutors are:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Willing to try new things and think outside the box
  • Able to commit a minimum of two hours a week to tutoring time, plus lesson prep time, on a regular basis
  • Must check email regularly and have, or be willing to learn, basic computer skills
  • Have completed our New Tutor Orientation and Training  

No teaching experience or diploma is needed to become a volunteer. We will provide all the training. To inquire about New Tutor Training opportunities, contact our office at readoc@occr.ocgov.com or (714) 566-3070.

Our tutors and learners work together for at least 2 hours a week. We will match you with someone in your area at a time that works for you. We encourage tutors and learners to meet at OC Public Libraries branches. 

Yes. An estimated 400,000 adults in Orange County do not read or write well enough to meet their needs as workers, family members and members of the community.

Though we strive to serve the English Language Learner (ELL) community to the fullest extent of our abilities, our tutors do not have the training to effectively assist ELL adults who want to work on their English. Language acquisition requires all parts of language learning (listening, speaking, reading, writing), and it would be a disservice to match someone who has language acquisition goals with our program.

If you or someone you know would like to learn English, we can help connect you with other low cost/no cost ESL programs within Orange County. Please contact us at readoc@occr.ocgov.com or (714) 566-3070. 

Get Involved Today!

To get help or to become a volunteer, call OC Read at (714) 566-3070